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Welcome to Chucky's Auto Sales. We want you to know that we can get you approved NO MATTER WHAT. How often have you gone into a dealership where you were told you would be approved but you leave without a car? The big dealers are losing a lot of their secondary funding sources and are turning more and more credit-challenged customers away. At Chucky's Auto Sales, we are still able to approve everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Guaranteed Credit Approval work?
I have a bank that guarantees credit approval as long as your take home income is at least $150 per week. It does not matter how bad your credit is.....you will be approved. Just fill out an application,once I have you approved I can tell you monthly payments and down payments on each and every vehicle on my lot.
How can you help me rebuild my credit?
The bank I use reports each payment made to all 3 major credit bureaus, so if you make your payments in a timely fashion your credit score will improve.  Your credit score is influenced heavily by your most recent credit,so if you make your payments (all your obligations) on time, the bad stuff will get older and older while the good stuff raises your credit score.
Are you Buy Here/Pay Here?
No I am not, I have local banks for good credit and I am a Dealer Partner with Credit Acceptance for all other credit......no credit, bad credit, even very ugly credit. And because the loans are thru a bank, each payment is reported to all 3 major credit bureaus. Buy Here/ Pay Here is ok, but generally they do not report to the credit bureaus...so your credit will stay the same.
How much down payment do you require?
There is no set percentage down, each vehicle is different for each person. They only way to find out how much money down you will need is to fill out an application online or at the lot. Once you are approved I can tell you the down payment and the monthly payments for each vehicle on the lot.
Do you consider self employed, unemployment compensation ,social security, child support, or tips as income?
Yes I do with the proper documentation. The following will be needed to prove this type of income:
SELF EMPLOYED     If you have a checking or savings account, I will use your last 2 most recent bank statements....I will add your deposits from both months together,then divide that amount by 2 which will prove your monthly income.  If you do not have a checking or savings account but you receive checks as payment,I will need copies of the front and back of  2 months worth of checks.
UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION     I need proof of unemployment comp such as a stub, eppicard statement if money goes to a card, or a bank statement that will show the money going directly into your account.
SOCIAL SECURITY     If you get social security directly deposited into a checking or savings I will need a copy of a current bank statement within the last 30 days, otherwise I will need a current award letter that you can request from the Social Security office.
CHILD SUPPORT     IF child support is directly deposited into your bank account a current bank statement is needed. An eppicard statement is also acceptable.
TIPS or  UNDER THE TABLE   income will be accepted only by using your last 2 most recent bank statements....I will add your deposits from both months together,then divide that amount by 2 which will prove your monthly income.  

  • All cars are serviced and PA inspected.
  • Each vehicle qualifies for a 2 year/24,000 mile extended warranty.
  • Trade-ins are accepted.

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